There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone succeed”

St Philomena’s Pre-Primary School is playing an active part in the service of the children’s needs in the community and in residential care.

The School has always lived up to their Mission to be commited to quality education, by mainteining high standards in developing each child holistically in a safe and caring environment.

Thanks to the interest shown by the community, our pre-school continues to operate with a manageable compliment of learners.  The introduction of a management committee which consists of parents and the educators, has certainly proved to be of benefit to the running of the school.  Regular meetings are held to discuss ways in which we can improve services to the school, and thus make it more conducive to learning.

The involvement of the parents has proved that they have embraced the school and the vision we have adopted.  It is encouraging to see that every parent meeting we held was exceptionally well attended.  All fundraising efforts are extremely successful, thanks to the interest shown by the parents.

This year we enrolled a total of 37 children at the beginning of the year, 23 are full day and 14 half day. We continue to have 3 groups: red group – 3 years; orange group – 4 years; and blue group – 5 years old (Grade R).

It is pleasing to report that our enrolment for 2014/2015 has not decreased, and that there is every indication that our enrolment for 2016 will increase.  If this need does arise, we are well prepared and have planned for a capacity of 60 children.


Apart from Montessori method of teaching,our calendar is accupied with the following activities:

* Excursions / outings once a term.

* Theme day (Once a month).

*  Sports Day

* Extracurricular activities are optional at a fee (Swimming and Karate Lessons).

We have decided to increase lightly our fees for the 2015 for full day children, while the half day remind the same as last year, we do realize the need to be affordable to most.

Despite this, we are aware that there are many children in the community who cannot afford these fees, hence our ongoing efforts to secure extra funding.  you can certainly assist by contributing to a bursary fund which we will soon be setting up.  Your contribution to this fund could mean one more child getting the early interventions they so vitally need.

Thanks to the board of Management, the Pre-school committee all the parents and the community for the ongoing support, also to the management committee for your interest and support and to the teachers for their sterling work.

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